TAP is a collection of free and open-source tools which support the creation and delivery of mobile tours. The tools also serve as examples of producing and consuming tour content using the TourML specification. Currently TAP consists of authoring tools built on top of the content management system Drupal, a native iOS mobile application, and a web-based mobile application built upon the jQuery Mobile library.

Freely available tools and standards are essential to the museum community to promote the adoption of best practices, to facilitate collaboration, and to encourage the creation of potential avenues for future content sharing. The Indianapolis Museum of Art's initial work with the TAP authoring tool included support for an early version of the TourML specification and offers a functional, but incomplete, proof-of-concept, demonstrating how such a system might work. Since its public release, the TAP system has been successfully adopted and deployed by independent developers—including other major museums—and has served as a model and example code for a number of other implementations. In its current state, TAP provides a workable tool for organizations with basic skills in web development, or a strong foundation for organizations wanting to develop a custom tour experience themselves or with a vendor.

As part of the IMLS grant the current version of TAP has been modified to support the TourML specifications that are recommended by the community.


The documentation for installing and using the various components of the TAP toolkit are located at the respective source code repositories:

TAP Authoring ToolsTAP iOS ApplicationTAP Web Application